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The Buddy Hield Biography is a very intriguing and interesting story.  Hield was born on December 17, 1993 and grew up in Eight Mile Rock, a small settlement approximately 14 miles west of Freeport, Grand Bahama.  He was fifth of seven children of his mother Jackie Braynen.  Hield received his nickname from his mother after Bud Bundy of the Fox Sitcom Married with Children. “When he was just this little baby, my girlfriend one day looked at him — knowing I watch the show every day — and said ‘Oh my God, he looks like Bud Bundy,” Braynen said. “So we would call him Bud. But then there was this drug dealer in the neighborhood who died, and my other girlfriend came over and said ‘we can’t have him named after a drug dealer, so call him Buddy.’ And it just stuck on him.”

Buddy Hield Throwback Eight Mile Rock Grand Bahama

Buddy has an unbreakable bond with his mother and said “My mother is like a mother and a father to us. My mom was in my life the whole time. I always listened to her. She taught me right from wrong. She mentored me and the other kids. To be honest, she always scared us not to do bad things. I didn’t want to fall into traps, and I wanted to be better than some of the other kids growing up in the community. I wanted to do something different.”  Braynen had to work three jobs cleaning houses to support her kids while living in Buddy’s grandmother’s house. The kids had to make do with what they could. In Buddy’s case, that involved finding innovative ways to play the sport that he quickly learned to love — basketball.  He often stayed outside as long as possible on local basketball parks where it is common for kids to create a makeshift hoop out of what his mom described as a milk crate affixed to a utility pole.  If it wasn’t a crate, he would take the spokes out of his bicycle tires and create a hoop that way by attaching it to the light pole.  “He learned from hard times,” Braynen said. “Growing up here, it’s not a hand-out. You have to work for what you want. But if you put in that hard work, you can succeed.”

Buddy is no stranger to the spotlight as he was featured in high school in The Bahamas as the best 8th grader to watch.  Hield demonstrated his ability to lead his team from an early age by taking his Jack Hayward High School basketball team to the championship of the Providence Holiday Tournament on a buzzer beater.  Eventually, he led his team to win the Grand Bahamas High School Championships.  Hield was named an All Bahamian Brand All Bahamian Selection and has numerous accolades at the high school level.

After stellar performances in The Bahamas, Hield was recruited to attend a prep school in Kansas, Sunrise Christian Academy in Bel Aire, Kansas, a suburb of Wichita.  Current Wichita State assistant and then-Sunrise coach Kyle Lindsted recruited the 6-foot 4-inch shooting guard.  In 2011, during Hield’s junior year at Sunrise Christian, he led the team to the National Association of Christian Athletes national championship, and was named the MVP of the tournament.  In his senior year, the 2011-2012 season, Hield averaged 22.7 points on .491 shooting in 21.0 minutes per game.

He was highly recruited and selected the Oklahoma Sooners over the Kansas Jayhawks.

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