Buddy Hield Bahamas Flag Pride

Buddy Hield Bahamas Flag
  • Buddy Hield Bahamas Flag
  • Buddy Hield Bahamas Flag

Awesome photo showing Buddy Hield Bahamas Flag Pride courtesy of the New Orleans Pelicans.  Here he is pictured draped in the National Flag of The Bahamas.

The colours embodied in the design of the Bahamian flag symbolise the image and aspirations of the people of The Bahamas; the design reflects aspects of the natural environment (sun, sand, and sea) and the economic and social development.

The Black, a strong colour, represents the vigour and force of a united people, the triangle pointing towards the body of the flag represents the enterprise and determination of The Bahamian people to develop and possess the rich resources of sun and sea symbolized by gold and aquamarine respectively.


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